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The case study has received the most successful reviews in the business theme and all that is connected with it, so now the word case study stands with success a word. They allow consumers to understand about nanotechnology and if the situation allows to advance several steps forward to solve certain problems. In other words, the product or service is demonstrated “in action”. Thus, the case “pushes” the potential client to make a similar decision in this situation. The marketing case is profitable both for the technology company and for the company that has used this technology to solve its business problems.
For a technology developer, the case is advantageous in that:

– provides journalists with materials for writing an article about the company’s product;

– tells potential customers about using the product to solve specific problems;

– can provoke interest in unpopular products and services;

– positions the company as a trustworthy partner with experience and knowledge.

Where can I use the case?

1. The case can be used to prepare a press release and then send it to the media
2. The case can be published on its own site in the section “Press kit” or “Success stories”
3. The case can be used as illustrative material at conferences and presentations

Length, format and appearance of the case

Most marketing cases are written on one or two pages, which is about 500-600 words. Naturally, you can write more, but it will already look like aggressive advertising. But the study of cases implies a subtle, unobtrusive approach. The format of the case allows the author to experiment boldly and try something new. Write a success story so that it is read. Take care of your readers’ vision. Use the easy-to-read font. The best is Arial, 12-14 points.
Be careful with the color scheme. Wanting to make the case brighter and more expressive, you will do yourself a disservice – blue letters on a yellow background will be remembered for a long time, but hardly like them. However much it would be desirable, it is difficult to come up with something better than the classic “black and white.”
So, the structure of the case, the most difficult in this process and here many experts advise you to seek help in special online essays writing services where the essay writerss will help you in this.

Most cases have this structure:

The situation is a kind of “hint”, an introductory block, which explains the reason, which was the reason for preparing a marketing case. Here we briefly describe the client company, its field of activity, its market position, its size, and other details. Also, in this part you can explain why the customer chose you for the solution of his problem: the uniqueness of your product, the use of similar technology in the past, your rewards, recognition in the market.
The problem is a story tie. Here is talked about the problem the customer encountered. This can be anything: from low productivity in the company due to poor automation of processes to the loss of data due to the deterioration of the hard drive on the home PC.
The solution is the main part of the case. This describes the product that was used to solve the problem and provides the results. Key points are supported by figures, tables and graphs.
Evaluation is the final part of the marketing case, which sums up all that has been said and evaluates the result that was achieved with the help of your product.

For greater persuasiveness, it is important to mention the financial side of the matter. Tell us how your product has paid for itself. For example, he increased the productivity of the client company by 50% in 2 months. Explain how to achieve such results. In this case, do not be too zealous with exaggerations. Remember: no one has invented a tool to solve all problems, which means that the text, where the product is described as a universal solution, will be considered unreliable and will not be read to the end.